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Having the right products and programs for your audience can make a difference to your profits.  Red Barn offers a wide range of high quality products so you can find just the right ones for your fundraiser.  We offer unique items and long-time favorites.

Vermont Programs

Vermont is famous for creating products of outstanding quality and craftsmanship.  These are truly special fundraisers.

Gifts, Wrap, Jewelry & Style

Chock-full of variety, these catalogs offer something for people of all tastes & budgets.


You will find everything from Frozen Gourmet Soups, Pizza, Coffee Cakes, Cookie Dough & Healthy Options.  Everyone loves to eat good food, which is why food fundraisers are always popular.

Chocolate & Desserts

Most folks find these products hard to resist!

Housewares & Utility Items

Practical products, clever gadgets & items that make a house a home.

Chocolate Bars & Roses

The idea here is to sell lower priced items to lots of people.  Set up a table inside the school or at an event to sell to passers-by. Our roses are particularly popular before Valentine’s Day.

Point of Sale Fundraisers

Sometimes it’s nice to have inventory in hand for a quick transaction.  These  products are shipped to you, up front.  Your members sell the products and collect money from their customers on the spot.  No need to distribute catalogs or turn in order forms to us for processing

Fundraisers with Online Shopping

Out-of-Town Friends & Family can shop these catalogs online and ask for the item to be shipped to their doorstep

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