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Your One-Stop-Shop for Local Fundraisers

Red Barn offers 4 options for running a fundraiser that supports local businesses.  When you choose one of these programs, you earn a profit while strengthening your local community. The Close Buy catalog on this page can be combined with our other catalog options for maximum variety and profit potential.  

Check out our


Free passes to laser tag, bowling, bounce houses, go-carts and more!

Sell the app for $20 and keep $10 (50% profit!)

Limited Fundraising Availability:

September - December.

Coupons valid 9/1/18-8/31/19

No money to collect or product to manage!

Vermont Buy Local Mobile App
Vermont Buy Local Coupon Book

Sell the book for $20

and keep $8

(40% profit!)

You set the price of the card: $10, $15 or $20 and earn 60-80% profit.

Booster Discount Card

You earn 30% profit. Online ordering available. Peek inside the catalogs here.

Close Buy Local Goods Catalog


Buy-Local Book: A low-tech version of the app for those who like to have a book in hand. Same coupons as the app.  


Buy-Local Mobile App: Single use discounts to 250 independently-owned Vermont businesses. $3,000 in coupons to businesses you love!  Click here to see 2018-19 participating merchants.


Local Discount Card: A credit card sized discount card customized to your specifications.  Offer multi-use discounts to 18-24 merchants in your community.  Tell us which businesses you want us to recruit and we do the work!


Close Buy Catalog: A large selection of unique high quality, artisan products made in New England and New York State.  We provide the catalogs free of charge. 

Download PDF Flyer
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